About Me

wilson cameron photography

Wedding Portrait & Fashion Photographer

I’m a passionate photographer and an image artist and now a craftsman as I focus on creating beautiful image prints.  For the past year since going fulltime, I’ve been producing some awesome printed images and various high-end wall art products that we have started to manufacture ourselves using the latest machines with the best available printing, laminating and mounting materials from fine art canvases to large acrylic and classy framed prints.

I developed my love for photography at a young age but I learned the creative skills from my life long career working in the television broadcasting industry playing around with images in the form of video, graphics & compositing for around thirty years.

I’ve worked for SKY SPORTS, BBC1 NEWS, GMTV, APTN,  and a few west end post-television facilities such as TSI Video and Video Bureau working on high-end commercials.  I’ve edited TV ads, documentaries, news, fashion Week, Formula 1,  Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and for the past decade I have been passionate about fine art portrait and fashion photography and like most photographers I’m always chasing light trying to capture that wow shot. 

I’m so proud to have photographed two London Fashion Weekend catwalk at Somerset house, and I recently photographed a catwalk for designer Kolchagov Barba London Fashion Week in Feb LWF-2016.  I have trained with some top wedding and fashion photographers and I regularly attend photography meetings and shows and I enter competitions for critic and to learn more and improve.

Train the Groom : I’m not joking I find there are two types of couples, the ones who love to flaunt to the camera and become playful and there are others who don’t like the camera pointing at them, usually the groom. So it’s very understandable, that it could be for many reasons but I think its usually because of past confidence knock remembering that image that you didn’t like of you and you think that you may not look good in your wedding photos. I know because let me tell you I have on occasions had grooms say to me. Can you please not take shots of me as I don’t come out right, and I say “what do you mean? Do you just want me to photograph just the bride and the guests without you in them” lol. So I really understand and to clarify it. It’s the trained professional photographers job to make you look good.  I also promise you will only see the smart shots of you and most of the day I will be stood well back while you have your beautiful wedding. We would discuss this in out meetings.

I belong to two photographic societies as a long time member of SWPP (The Society of Wedding Portrait Photography) and.  The Society of the Guild Of Photographers and we have a code of ethical practice.

I’m based in London minutes from Heathrow airport where I have a small working portrait studio and I’m also a member of two professional photographic society’s. The Guild of Photographers and the SWPP society of wedding & portrait photography.

Wedding photography is my passion and nothing would please me more then capturing some wonderful images for you to always remember your